When Spokespeople Choke! Like McCain Needs This Embarrassment!

31 Oct

As the election gets closer and the polls remain tilted in Barack Obama’s favor, John McCain’s campaign seems to be grasping at anything that has a shot of sticking.  Desperate times of course call for desperate measures.  Recently, they hit Obama for his association with a fellow the McCain campaign labels anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.

Of course, the problem with that charge is that John McCain himself was the head of a committee that sent just under one million dollars to the organization headed by Barack Obama’s allegedly anti-Israel friend.  Woops!

Undaunted, catch this clip of a McCain spokesman doing his best to spread the Barack Obama is anti-Semitic message (AKA lie) and failing miserably.  Where I come from this is called a choke.

Lesson to all you future political operatives.  If you’re gonna lie, make sure to have your story straight before busting it out.  That’s just good common sense.

7 Responses to “When Spokespeople Choke! Like McCain Needs This Embarrassment!”

  1. Marianne November 1, 2008 at 12:56 am #

    Obama is anti-semitic…the words have already come out of his mouth…and there is no way to take them back now.

    Obama is a liar and a fraud

  2. cindyinatl November 1, 2008 at 1:22 am #

    Marianne, what are the words that you say came out of Obama’s mouth and make him an anti-semitic? I’m not challenging you, just curious.

  3. Marianne November 1, 2008 at 2:03 am #

    My heart is breaking for this country. The info is right there in front of people, but they do not see it.




    (skip to about the 50 minute mark)
    Obama supported him at a dinner by agreeing that Israel is guilty of worse than apartheid. It is irrelevant that Palestinians and HAMAS has been suicide bombing Israel for years. Israel is blamed for HAMAs violence.

    Palestinians, who by the way, only want Israel completely destroyed, are supporting Obama with phone banks and money.

    This is just a start……sigh

  4. tidewaterjackson November 1, 2008 at 12:51 pm #

    Marianne – think the whole point of the video is you can’t just make up charges and offer no evidence.

    If your only evidence is that he has associated with this one guy than McCain must be anti-Semitic too as he headed a group that gave almost a million bucks to the guy’s cause.


    Tidewater J

  5. tidewaterjackson November 1, 2008 at 4:33 pm #


    Didn’t see your second comment til just now. Appreciate your coming back with links, however I checked out and not that convinced.

    Your first link is a basically somebody’s opinions about Obama’s positions based on that person’s religious beliefs, which not everyone in America agrees with.

    Your second link is about the Khalidi event that Obama attended. Here again, McCain was on a committee that donated about 1 Million bucks to Khalidi. What does that say about McCain then?

    Your 3rd link is a Khalidi keynote. Same point as above. If it damns Obama for the association than what about McCain’s financial support of Khalidi??

    Your final link is a news report about support that Obama has among Palestinians. Obama can not control who supports him just like McCain can’t control who decides to support him. Afer all Al Quaida endorsed McCain. Seriously. Should I use that as a rationale not to consider voting for John McCain??

    Thanks again for stopping by.

    Tidewater Jackson

  6. Paulette November 3, 2008 at 11:56 am #

    I am the member of many committees and clubs. I do not know the affiliation of 90% of the people that attend meetings: so does that make me racist, anti-Semitic, gay or a bigot if any of the people who attend any of those meetings are any of those things??? Do you know the affiliations of the people you work with or whom your kids play soccer with? Ridiculous!

    As a politician Obama attends many meetings, conferences and meets thousands and thousands of people – he cannot be accountable for every person he meets. Life is not black and white. There will be times when you agree with a person you sit on a committee with 100% about one issue and are totally against that person on a different issue. Grow up people. Stop pretending to be naive!

    Obama is not anti-Semitic. The god-father of his children is Jewish and many of his friends are Jewish. Why would so many Jews be on Obama’s team if he was anti-Semitic?

    Where are these crazy people getting these made-up facts??? Are the dreaming them up? Are they simply delusional and not willing to read or hear the truth?

    I live in Palm Beach County and volunteer in an Obama campaign office there – over 50% of the volunteers are Jewish. Are they anti-Semitic?

    Come on people, stay in reality.

    Obama/Biden 08!

  7. tidewaterjackson November 3, 2008 at 1:09 pm #

    Paulettee – I agree with you ultimately that Obama is not anti-Semitic. That said, I do think that your logic is slightly off in relation to Marianne’s point.

    What the Marianne was alluding to in part was Obama’s attending an event in honor of Khalidi. So, her logic is that since he’s anti-Israel than so must Obama be.

    I don’t agree with Marianne’s logic either however. I feel the fact that John McCain headed a committee that sent almost a million to Khalidi’s cause must then say something about John McCain and his support or lack their of Isreal. So according to Marianne’s thinking both Obama & McCain are anti-Semitic.

    I believe neither man is.

    Thanks for all the comments & good luck in Florida this week!
    Tidewater J

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