The Yankees Are Like James Bond!

25 Jul

It starts tonight.  The real baseball season I mean.  Yankees versus the Red Sox at Fenway. Joba versus Beckett.  Can it get get any better than this?  Unless you are a Devil Rays, excuse me, a Rays fan I don’t think so.

Three quick observations for you all from my POV as a BoSox fan:

First, the Joba experiment has worked out much better than I ever anticipated.  Despite the completely messed up way that Chamberlain was handled by the Yankees, Joba’s transition to a starting role has been almost without bumps.  Now, they’re counting on him in one of the biggest spots of the season.  Will he crack?  I don’t think so.  At least, I don’t think Chamberlain will under perform until the end of the season when he’s worn down, if at all.

That said, the whole Joba thing doesn’t worry me much.  In fact, I think the Yankees did Red Sox Nation a favor by converting Joba.  Let’s say he pitches a lights out game tonight and gets the Yankees that all important first game victory at Fenway.  So what?  Joba is one and done.  The Red Sox won’t have to face him again.  When he was a reliever, he might have had an impact in all three games.  As it stands now, the Sox just have to deal with him once.  I’ll take my chances facing him once when he has to be out there for many innings at a time versus having to face him for short spurts everyday.  And that’s why I still think The Yankees made a mistake pulling him out of the bullpen.

Finally, the Yankees piss me off and scare me because for the last two years they’ve reminded me of a James Bond movie.  I’m much too lazy to actually look up the movie or get the dialogue exactly right, but the scene I’m thinking of goes like this…

James Bond is tied down on a table.  He’s on his back and his legs are spread apart and restrained.  Bond’s enemy (the usual megalomaniac, evil, lunatic) has a laser beam started and charting a path toward Bond’s cherished family jewels.  Bond asks the villain “do you expect me to talk?”.  The villain replies “no, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die”.  Then, of course, Bond doesn’t.

For the last two seasons, the Yankees have started out like Bond.  Seemingly done and about to die.  But, only then, they don’t.  If I wasn’t a Red Sox fan I guess I’d admire it.  Posada’s been hurt as has much of the rotation they started the year with.  Yet, there they are still in the thick of it. 

Last year, I was pretty sure the Yankees were finished.  I could see Torre getting fired and the dynasty ending.  And then they made the playoffs.  While they did fire Joe Torre, it seems like replacement Joe Girardi is using Torre’s script from last season.  Once again, the Yankees are rising from the almost dead.

You have to give them credit.  Unless, you are a Red Sox fan like me.

The last five years have been a great time for me baseball-wise.  Suddenly, the culture in Sox Nation has changed from how will we blow this to we’ll come through in the clutch.  I’ve seen the Red Sox win two world series titles after I resigned myself to possibly dying without seeing that happen even once.

I’d like to see a third that includes a total collapse by the New York Yankees.

Is that too much to ask, Mr. Bond?

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