Finally, Someone Who Makes Me Like Kobe!

24 Jun

Listen, I’m on the record.  I’m no Kobe fan.  Sure, he’s a great player.  It’s just that in my opinion he’s a selfish one.  His immaturity forced the Lakers to deal Shaq prematurely to make Kobe happy.  Only that didn’t make Kobe happy as for years afterward the Lakers couldn’t win.

Now, the Lakers are back.  They are winners again, but couldn’t get over the hump this year and win it all without Shaq.  As someone who has always hoped that the last thought Kobe Bryant would have (many, many years from now) as he passed on from this realm to the next would be “dang, I never did win anything without Shaq…”, I should be happy. 

And I was.  Until I woke up this morning.

What am I confronted with that ruined my appreciation of Kobe’s failure to capture the NBA title this year?  Rapping Shaq!

A secondary question is why does Shaq keep rapping?  Does no one have the guts to tell him he’s no Jay-Z or Eminem?

But, the primary question is why the particular rap he chose?  Shaq says he has no ill will for Kobe and was just freestyling, but it’s interesting that his rap slammed not only Kobe but Patrick Ewing.  Shaq’s lyrics pointed out that Kobe couldn’t win this year without him, which given their long standing feud, you can understand even if it’s not a particularly classy move. 

Why Shaq felt the need to rap Ewing is beyond me.  Sure, Patrick has no rings & Shaq has a boat load.  But, to be fare, I think it’s safe to say that Ewing never played with players as great as Kobe Bryant or Dwayne Wade. 

Do I think Patrick Ewing is the ultimate clutch player?  No.  I’ve live through too many Ewing guarantees that fell short to make that statement.  That said, the point must be made that championships come down to timing and teammates.  Does Patrick win some titles if Jordan doesn’t exist?  Or if he was paired with Kobe or Wade in his prime?  Most likely.

Does Shaquille O’Neal, who I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for, need to work on his lyrics a bit more before opening his mouth?  Very likely.

PS – my favorite Shaq quote of all time happened when he was still in the early years of his NBA career.  Back then, people used to ask him if he was as good as he was hyped up to be since he hadn’t yet won an NBA Championship himself.

 Shaq’s reply to one question along those lines was that he’d always won every where he’d been.  I loved his reply given that he didn’t win an NCAA Championship at LSU and hadn’t yet won in the pros.  Was he referring to winning a high school title??  I’ll never know, but it was great comedy.

Thanks, Shaq!

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