Here’s What No One Is Saying About Willie Randolph’s Firing!

18 Jun

What a strange thing to wake up today and hear that Willie Randolph had been fired at three in the morning NY time.  The Mets have spent the 24 hours since getting beaten up for the classless way they handled Randolph’s termination.  The criticism is all more than due the Mets organization.  After stringing him along for weeks, they let Willie Randolph fly out to LA only to fire him in the middle of the night and after a win no less.

Here’s what no one is saying.  The Mets did the right thing.  They handled it wrong, but it was time for Willie to go.  In fact, he was past due.

Growing up a Mets fan, Willie was that one ’70s Yankee you just couldn’t hate.  After a decade as Torre’s assistant it was comical that he hadn’t landed a skipper job of his own until the Mets gave him the keys to their half of New York a few years back.  From all accounts, the guy is a good and decent person.

Still, he needed to go.  This Mets team with such a big time payroll and even higher expectations, has been under .500 for over a year.  Over a year!  In a season in which they were expected to rule the NL East, they started the year sluggishly and there have been absolutely no signs pointing to any kind of turnaround.

Basically, the Mets really messed things up by not firing Willie last year.  The Mets collapsed down the stretch and blew a seven game lead with just 17 games to go.  The Mets let Willie come back, but you knew if they didn’t get off to a great start this year that he’d be on borrowed time.  That’s no way to go into a year following the biggest let down in franchise history (including the historically disappointing ’92 season).

No Willie didn’t select the players.  No Willie doesn’t pitch, hit or field for the Mets.  But, as a major league manager part of the job description is to take responsibility for wins and losses. 

The Mets gave Willie his first managerial gig and the chance to come back after a horrific choke last season.  This year, they strung him along and fired him with zero class and about three million dollars still due him.

Call the Mets and Willie Randolph even.

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